so you're into vintage? cool, then you probably know the feeling you get when you listen to your favoritie song on a vinyl record versus playing it from your phone. super 8 film is the same way. super 8 was made for home videos and meant to capture all types of special moments big or small. so why not bring a bit of that candid and nostalgic love back to help capture weddings with more intention and timelessness. 


about me

I'm a wedding and couples super 8 videographer based in the heart of Seattle, Washington. With a love for all things romance, I've dedicated my craft to freezing those precious moments of love and joy, turning them into timeless works of art. 

My approach to my craft is deeply rooted in a documentary and candid style. Particularly with the analog and vintage allure of Super 8 films, your footage will have a sense of timeless elegance while maintaining that nostalgic feel reminiscent of old-fashioned cameras. 

My commitment to you is not just about documenting your wedding; it's about crafting a visual narrative that evokes emotion, nostalgia, and pure magic. Super 8 is not just a format; it's a language of love, a portal to the past, and a canvas for your future memories.

Reach out today, and let's start planning the most exhilarating chapter of your love story!

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What is Super 8?

Super 8 is a motion picture film format that was introduced in the 60s. The film cartridges film up to around 3 minutes of footage each with no audio. Super 8 was meant to be more simple and accessible for amateur filmmakers as well as the everyday person looking document their lives. 

Super 8 film produces a distinctive look characterized by its grainy texture, vibrant colors, and a retro, vintage aesthetic. It has a nostalgic appeal that lots of filmmakers and videographers continue to use, such as myself.

While this digital age is taking the world by storm, there's still something about super 8 you can't replicate. Especially the gorgeous colors you get from super 8, it's why a ton of big movies and shows still shoot on film.

Exclusive Super 8 Coverage

perfect for those romantic couples that want to relive their day through a dreamy vintage format (SUPER 8 ONLY, HEAD OVER TO MY PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES PAGE FOR PHOTO + SUPER 8 PACKAGES)

Base package includes:

8 hours of consecutive wedding day coverage

3-5 minute highlight film

All Raw footage

Teaser preview clip

15-30 second edit optimized for social media 

starting at $4000

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The Ultimate Super 8 Guide

If you're a photographer or videographer looking to add super 8 films to your business, then this is the guide for you. i walk you through where to buy super 8 cameras, a crash course on my favorite camera, where to send your film when it's done, editing, pricing, and more!

make me a super 8 pro

"Our engagement photos/video with Myla were our first time getting professional photos taken (individually & together), and we’re both introverts as well, so we were obviously nervous leading up to it. But as soon as we arrived on location and met Myla, she immediately made us feel comfortable and relaxed by explaining the general flow of these shoots and of the venue so we’d know what to expect, and gave us guidance throughout the 2h shoot for posing and movement.

We love her use of multiple mediums for shooting (digital,  film, super 8 video), process of capturing both classic and more creative/organic poses individualized to each couple/shoot, and above all her kind and calm demeanor in all interactions. The first thing my fiancé said to me after the shoot was how easy and enjoyable it was to work with her, and we’re really looking forward to having Myla again at our wedding, so we highly recommend Myla if you ever get a chance to work with her!"

Annie & Arthur

"Myla is amazing!

Her Super 8 films feel so nostalgic, retro, and in the moment. Seeing the couples in her film look so timeless creates such an overwhelming feeling of love. She’s made clips and videos of my cakes as well and each time I feel like they’re documented into history rather than placed onto a story. I always get excited when I see her work.

Thank you Myla for always capturing such precious moments that feel like they should be treasured through generations!"

Chyna Quach


Myla Li Photos