Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

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The Truth About Hiring a Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator

Hiring a wedding planner sounds like it would cost you a lot of money, but wedding planners save you tons of money and time!

A wedding planner will help you budget, find vendors, execute your dream wedding vision, and have tons of insider wedding knowledge. Even making your wedding photographer’s life easier!

When you hire a wedding planner or even a day of coordinator, you are paying for peace of mind for your wedding day. Your wedding day should be enjoyed, you should not have to worry about hosting a party! We wedding creatives believe in making life easier for you so you can enjoy your special day!

If you decide not to hire a wedding planner or day of coordinator, be sure to schedule extra time between all activities. This is because your wedding party and guests will wander off to do different things. This means that it makes it harder for your wedding photographer to capture those gorgeous photos for your wedding. Not to mention, it wastes a lot of precious time!

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Wedding Planner vs. Day of Coordinator

Let’s talk about the difference between a wedding planner and a day of coordinator. A wedding planner is responsible for managing all of the details for your entire wedding! From creating timelines to making sure the flower girl goes out on cue, a wedding planner will do it ALL and make it happen.

A day of coordinator is only responsible for coordinating details on your wedding day at the venue. Making sure that all details are executed with no problems and that the plan is brought to action.

Both a wedding planner and day of coordinator will help you enjoy every moment of your wedding day! No playing host, only enjoying your wedding!


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How to Select a Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator

Let’s talk about some qualities to look for when comes to hiring a planner or day of coordinator. A crucial quality to look for in your wedding planner or day of coordinator is making sure their planning style aligns with your lifestyle. Think about when you are available for calls and meetings with your planner. If you work 9-5, you should consider having a planner that can also meet during times you are available. This is something to consider especially if your planner does not have the same time zone as you!

A second quality to look for is making sure they specialize in your dream wedding! Whether that be a super religious wedding or an untraditional, modern, anti-bride wedding. You want to hire someone that specializes in that type of event. You wouldn’t want to go to a dentist if you broke your leg…

Lastly, having a planner that communicates really well with you is so important! This is imperative. It’s super important that your planner understands your unique needs. Just like you and your partner, your wedding is special and one of a kind. Don’t settle for a wedding planner who has different visions for your wedding.

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In the end, do whatever you want for your wedding day!

In my opinion, you should hire a wedding planner or day of coordinator. It takes the stress off of all the vendors, your wedding photographer, and even your guests! Instead of allocating wedding planner duties to your guests or even yourself, having a dedicated planner whose goal is to make your wedding as stress-free and fun as possible will always win in my books.

Enjoy your wedding and don’t play host. It won’t be worth it when you get older and realize that you could have enjoyed yourself even more! But it’s still your decision!

My Preferred PNW Wedding Planners and Day of Coordinators

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If you plan on having your wedding in the PNW and still need a photographer, get in contact with me so we can plan your wedding photos together!


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