15 of the Best Wedding Venues & Elopement Locations in Oregon

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bride and groom kissing after wedding ceremony, located at bridal veil lakes in Oregon

A Guide to 15 of the Best Wedding Venues & Elopement Locations in Oregon

The Columbia River Gorge Area

The Oregon Coast

The Portland Metro Area

Oregon is one of the best states to have a wedding or elopement! The locations that are around Oregon are so diverse and beautiful. Ranging from gorgeous outdoor wedding venues and elopement locations to adventurous hikes to the best beaches on the Oregon Coast. You should expect the weather in Oregon from June through October to be in the high 70s to 100s. From November through May the weather can be pretty random and range from stormy, cold, and gloomy days to unpredictably sunny days. It’s best to consult with your photographer before your wedding or elopement photoshoot, especially if they’re local! If you are thinking about eloping or having your wedding reception in Oregon, this guide will help you find the perfect venue or location for your special day! I will even give you insight into what seasons and times are best.

Columbia River Gorge Area Wedding Venues

The Columbia River Gorge Area has gorgeous locations for Wedding Venues. These locations have the best views that would make for the best wedding locations in Oregon!


1. The Griffin House 

The Griffin House Wedding Venue is so gorgeous! You will be lucky if you book this place for your wedding in 2023. With gorgeous views of the Columbia River, you would not expect that the other side of the river is actually Washington! Depending on what kind of wedding you are looking for (winter wedding, spring wedding, rainy wedding) this wedding venue is the perfect location!


2. Bridal Veil Lakes 

Bridal Veil Lake is an outdoor wedding venue that is surrounded by beautiful forest lines and full of gorgeous landscapes that will make your Oregon wedding feel magical. They book events all year round and book up to 2 years in advance. They actually have openings for winter weddings this year!

Wedding arbor at Bridal Veil Lakes in Oregon, oregon wedding photography

wedding venue in Oregon, kayaks near lake at Oregon wedding venue

wedding alter at Bridal Veil Lakes in Oregon for a wedding venue


3. Mt. View Orchards 

Mt. View Orchards is also a gorgeous location for a wedding venue in Oregon. You get a beautiful view of Mt. Hood from the orchard. It’s an outdoor wedding venue located along Middle Fork Hood River. This Oregon wedding venue is only available for weddings from June through September. So be sure to book your wedding ahead of time!

Columbia River Gorge Area Elopement Locations

The Columbia River Gorge Area also has the best elopement locations in Oregon. I would recommend this area for your elopement photoshoot for couples who are more adventurous and want a trendy and modern elopement photoshoot. Fun fact: the Columbia River Gorge area is the line between Washington and Oregon. You can actually see Washington and Oregon at the same time with these locations!


4. Latourell Falls 

I highly recommend this location for elopements in the summertime during June, August, or September. If you are adventurous and don’t mind being risky, the rainy and unpredictable months work as well! This location is free of course. The only catch is that you can’t have any vendors. This is why it’s perfect for an intimate elopement location!


5. Mt. Hood 

This is one of the most popular locations for elopements. There are so many great restaurants and tons of outdoor activities. I recommend making a whole trip to this area. There are just so many great and fun things to do including hiking, eating at delicious restaurants, and even backpacking. The best time to elope at this location is from June – October if you want a sunny and warm elopement and from November – February for the gloomy, rainy season.

elopement photoshoot in Oregon on Mt. Hood, destination elopement photography

elopement photoshoot at Mt. Hood, bride holding wedding bouquet on mountain in oregon, destination elopement photography


woman posing on mountain for elopement photoshoot, destination elopement photography


6. Trillium Lake 

Trillium Lake is located near Mt. Hood. This is a really beautiful elopement location. I know I have been saying this for every one of these locations, but they are so gorgeous in their own ways. Especially depending on what you look for when it comes to your elopement or wedding in Oregon. Trillium Lake has the most gorgeous view of Mt. Hood. If you are standing in the right direction, you will have a gorgeous view of Mt. Hood in the background of the lake!

couple posing in front of river in Oregon, film photographer in Oregon

man proposing to woman near river in Oregon, engagement photographers in Oregon


7. Government Cove in Cascade Locks 

Government Cove has the most stunning views of Washington and Oregon. This location is perfect for that couple who does not want a big hike to get a gorgeous background for their elopement. The best times to have your elopement at this Oregon-Washington location would be Spring, Summer, and Fall. However, there will be more people around since the weather is favorable. If you are wanting to be adventurous, the late-winter months are perfect for an elopement. You may get spritzed on, so having an umbrella on hand is a must!

The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coat offers locations for Outdoor Weddings at the beach. There aren’t many indoor wedding venues along the Oregon coast. But these beaches make up for that with their adventurous and gorgeous locations. They are perfect for elopements on the coast as well. Refer to this guide from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department for permits on public land. I would also recommend calling them to be sure you have the correct information before planning anything!


8. Natural Bridges & 9. Secret Beach 

Located in Brookings, OR which is at the border of California and Oregon, are Natural Bridges and Secret Beach. Both are amazing outdoor locations for an elopement or very intimate outdoor wedding. Just know that the mornings are always filled with fog. So I recommend afternoon times to be best for a gorgeous backdrop! 

couple kissing on beach in Oregon, film photographer in Oregon


landscape photo of Natural Bridges beach in Oregon, destination wedding photographer

landscape photo of secret beach in Oregon, film photographer in Oregon, destination elopement photography

10. Seal Rock 

Seal Rock is located a little higher on the Oregon Coastline, not as close to the border of California and Oregon. It’s a gorgeous location for an elopement. There are rocks in the ocean you are able to stand on with a gorgeous view of the clear ocean water beneath! 

11. God’s Thumb 

This location is a little less known! Probably because it’s right in the middle of a forest. It requires a moderate hike, and I would only recommend this area to couples who love an adventure! Mornings are always a bit foggy, so I recommend this location or an intimate elopement in the late morning or afternoon.

12. Cape Kiwanda

Cape Kiwanda is located between Seal Rock and Cannon Beach. It is mostly a flat beach that stretches for about a mile up the coast of Oregon. It’s an easy walk to the beach and is perfect for couples who don’t want to hike very much! The perfect time for an elopement in this location would have to be during Spring, Summer, and Fall! Unless you are feeling more adventurous, January through March months works, too.

beach elopement at beach in Oregon, destination wedding photographer in Oregon

couple kissing during beach elopement ceremony on beach in Oregon


couple kissing on rocks near beach in Oregon, film photographer in Oregon

13. Cannon Beach 

Cannon Beach is located higher along the Oregon Coastline too. This location is great for an elopement rather than a wedding since it’s a bit busier than other locations. It’s mostly a level beach that has about 3 huge rocks that can be seen from the beach. It’s a gorgeous location for a beach elopement along the Oregon Coastline!

landscape image of beach in Oregon, nature photography, film photographer


image on cannon beach in Oregon, landscape photography of nature, film photography, oregon film photos

couple holding hands while walking on the beach in Oregon, film photographer

The Portland Metro Area Wedding Venues

The Portland Metro Area has some gorgeous indoor wedding venues. There aren’t too many locations here for an indoor wedding venue in Portland, but here are two really beautiful indoor event venues that I recommend!

14. Easton Broad Event Venue

Easton Broad is an event venue that is in the middle of Portland, OR. It’s a gorgeous indoor wedding venue that is actually more affordable and offers different wedding packages to fit your flexibility!


15. Red Barn Villa

About 20 minutes away from Portland, is a wedding venue called Red Barn Villa. It’s located in Oregon City and is a gorgeous wedding venue with so many great views, including an outdoor garden area that can be used for your wedding ceremony! 

wedding alter at wedding venue in Oregon

gorgeous wedding venue in Oregon, fountain at wedding venue in Oregon, wedding photographer in Oregon

wedding ceremony with wedding alter at Oregon Wedding venue, wedding photographer in Oregon

wedding decorations for a summer or spring wedding, film photography

pathway to garden at wedding venue, wedding venues in Oregon, Oregon wedding photographer

All of these gorgeous locations for your Oregon elopement photoshoot or Oregon wedding are perfect in their own ways. Of course, depending on what you are looking for when it comes to your special day. I recommend talking with your photographer if you are struggling to find the perfect location for your wedding or elopement in Oregon!

If you are looking for a photographer that is local to Oregon, you found one! Send me an email or inquire with me on my contact page for more information on elopement and wedding photography packages!


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