Colorful Whimsical Portland City Elopement

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As an elopement photographer, I am constantly humbled by the diverse love stories that unfold before my lens. Each couple brings their unique vision and personality, and Coleen and Brett’s elopement was nothing short of enchanting. With a passion for intimacy and a love for the city’s charm, they embarked on a modern and colorful rooftop celebration at the Lolo Pass Hotel – a dreamy, elevated tea party that defied tradition.

A Love Story Painted in Colors

Coleen and Brett’s love story was a masterpiece of colors, each shade representing a cherished moment shared between them. Their vibrant personalities breathed life into every frame, and I couldn’t wait to capture their union against the dynamic backdrop of Portland’s cityscape.

An Intimate Affair in the Heart of the City

While some couples opt for grand affairs, Coleen and Brett cherished the small and intimate feel. However, that didn’t mean they were willing to compromise on the ambiance they craved. Choosing the city as their muse, they sought a rooftop elopement at the Lolo Pass Hotel, where they could bask in the urban charm and revel in their love with the city lights twinkling in the distance.

Modern Whimsy and a Dash of Playfulness

The couple’s vision was a delightful fusion of modernity and whimsy, reminiscent of an elevated tea party in a fairy tale. Splashes of bold, bright colors adorned the rooftop, intertwining with the couple’s joyful laughter and playful spirits. Their love was a dance of hues, and every click of my camera was a brushstroke painting their romance on the canvas of time.

Breaking Traditions with Love

Coleen and Brett had their hearts set on creating a celebration that truly represented their love. Breaking away from the traditional norms, they embraced the freedom to be themselves, infusing every element of the elopement with their personalities and passions. It was a reminder that love knows no boundaries and flourishes when it is allowed to bloom freely.

Forever Remembering Whimsical Love

As the elopement photographer capturing Coleen and Brett’s vibrant journey, I was honored to witness love in its most authentic form. Their colorful and whimsical rooftop celebration at the Lolo Pass Hotel was an extraordinary tale of two souls intertwining against the urban landscape, creating a symphony of emotions and colors that will forever resonate in their hearts.

If you too dream of a colorful whimsical Portland city elopement that defies traditions and celebrates your unique love story, let’s embark on this artistic adventure together. As your elopement photographer, I’ll ensure every moment is cherished, every color vivid, and every emotion timeless – capturing your love story as a masterpiece to be treasured for eternity.

Ready to embark on your whimsical love journey? Contact me today to weave your vibrant story into artful images that will last a lifetime.


Photographer: Myla Li Photos

Planning and Styling: Jaime Ta Creative

Florals: Centerpiece Floral Design

Hair and Makeup: Wild Emerald Bridal & Shades of Syrens

Venue & Catering: Lolo Pass

Rentals: Setting The Table Rentals

Dress & Accessories: Shop Confete

Stationary: Danielle Nichole


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