Reasons Why You Should Invest in Film Photos for Your Wedding or Engagement

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bridesmaids holding wedding bouquets of flowers for wedding photoshoot. Film photographer in Oregon

woman holding flower bouquet standing in between flower arch for wedding photos. Oregon wedding film photographers

champagne tower and wedding reception table with wedding decorations with a backdrop of trees. Oregon coast wedding film photographer

man and woman running through street after wedding ceremony. Wedding film photography, oregon

dahlia wedding flower centerpieces surrounded by wedding table decorations. Oregon coast wedding film photography

If you haven’t seen or heard already, film photography is making a comeback. If you aren’t quite sure why you should invest in film photos for your wedding or engagement photos, this blog is for you. I will be explaining some reasons why film photography is making a comeback and why you should consider investing in them!

bride and bridesmaids holding hands and laughing while walking to wedding ceremony. Film photographer in Oregon

bride holding wedding bouquet while smiling. wedding photographer in Oregon

Growing up in the early 2000s, I still have vivid memories of my parents taking our family photos while on vacation or on special occasions with film cameras. Thinking back to it now brings so much nostalgia to those days when my parents had to drop off their rolls of film at Walgreens or a 1-hr photo lab.

The main reason why I am so passionate about bringing film photography back into my wedding, engagement, and couple photoshoots is to share these feelings of nostalgia with as many people as I can.

So why would you want to invest in film photography for your wedding or engagement photoshoot? Let’s get into it. Let me start by asking you some questions about your expectations for your wedding or engagement photos.

wedding reception under white wedding tent with wedding table decor and flower centerpieces. Oregon film wedding photographer

man and woman smiling while petting dog for wedding photos. Wedding photographer in Oregon

When you look for a photographer for your wedding, what is the main objective? To find someone who can capture your genuine love? To find someone who can capture each moment exactly how it felt at the time of your wedding? Or to have wedding/engagement photos that feel timeless and can’t be replicated? If you answered yes to any of these, you should consider film photos for your wedding!

Yes, film photos take more time to process, you have to make sure you have enough rolls of film and it may be a bit more expensive than ‘traditional’ wedding photos. But it is so incredibly worth it when you look back at your wedding photos and the nostalgia and timeless feeling you had during your wedding come back to you and makes you feel excited and happy all over again.

The colors and tones of your photos cannot be replicated. The highlights of each photograph are softer and more unique than any other style of photography. Having film photos is like having something to hold and share with your family for generations. It’s like holding your love in the palm of your hands and never needing to let it go.

Film photography, like anything else, is an investment. It’s an investment of your memories, your love, your story. The feelings you get from holding your wedding photos or engagement photos and feeling all the nostalgia and emotions from your love are unlike no other. Staring back at your grainy, blurry, imperfectly perfect images and remembering all the love you felt at that exact moment in time is what makes the investment so worth it and priceless.

The process for film photos is more hands-on than digital photos. This is because every part of developing your film photos has to be done delicately and perfectly. After adding film to your photo session, we can discuss how you expect your photos to be delivered. Whether in a digital gallery or physical prints. Just know that every step of the process is handled with intention and love.

If you want your wedding or engagement package to include film, don’t hesitate to contact me so we can talk about it together and make your dream wedding or engagement photos come true!

wedding details captured with film photography style. film photos for weddings, film photographer for weddings

wedding venue at vineyards, wedding flowers arranged for wedding arch

creeping flower arrangement for wedding ceremony with bar in background. film wedding photographer in oregon

wedding detail shot with wedding invitation, itinerary, and rings for wedding photos

indoor wedding ceremony with bride and groom holding hands. Wedding photos on film

wedding table decor for an indoor wedding inside barn, oregon coast wedding film photography

wedding detail photos with ring and heels from bride. oregon coast wedding photographer

man and woman looking at eachother with sunset in front of them, film wedding photography

film photo of bride and groom walking off into distance after their wedding ceremony. Film photography in Oregon, wedding photographer in Portland

wedding ceremony with blue sky and clouds in background while bride and groom get married. Oregon coast wedding photographer

wedding tent detail photos for wedding flowers and wedding table set up. Wedding photography, film photography

wedding table during wedding reception with people raising glasses for a toast to bride and groom. wedding photographers in oregon, film wedding photographers in oregon

bride and groom kissing under grape vines while bride is holding bouquet of flowers

bride posing while holding wedding flower bouquet and closing her eyes. wedding photography in oregon, wedding film photos

wedding detail shots of wedding heels and wedding veil. film photographer in oregon

bride and groom kissing under arch with pink flowers. film photography in oregon for weddings

wedding detail photos with important detail shots that you need. Film wedding photographer, oregon film photographer

landscape photo with vineyards and grape vines overlooking sky

film photo of forest with lake in photo. Film photographer in Oregon, nostalgic film photography

dessert table for wedding from wedding photographer. Film wedding photography in Oregon

film photo of bride and groom. groom holding bride in arms while smiling at photo. Film Photography from Oregon wedding photographers


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