Artistic Dreamy At Home Selkie Puff Dress Photoshoot

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The Silk Gauze Starry Night Puff Dress

One of the hardest things to shoot, for me personally, is self-portraits. Self-portraits can actually take a lot of time as you are the photographer and the model. It’s tricky not being able to see what I look like, move my camera around for different angles quickly, and honestly sometimes feeling confident.

For this shoot, I had just received my Selkie dress in the mail, and funny enough, it didn’t actually fit! It was a bit too small and didn’t zip up all the way in the bag. That was the first letdown, the second was that I couldn’t exchange it for a bigger size because they were all sold out. Instead of getting too upset, I was going to take advantage of having the dress and throw myself a small photoshoot. I grabbed my backdrop stand, some sheets, and a painting for my setup. I put the dress on and some other accessories to complete the look.

My challenge for this shoot was to start incorporating motion blur. I do a lot of work with blur during normal sessions, but never in my self-portraits. So I slowed the shutter speed and played around with some fun movements.



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